One of the most significant challenges for those in the event planning and organizing industry is publicizing your name and building your online presence. iSmart helps you do this affordably and effectively through a centralized customer information database that integrates your social media and text messaging interactions with customers and prospective clients. Online channels and text communications are the future of marketing, reaching customers through the same methods that they connect with their friends and family. iSmart helps you to optimize these tools to build your sales and customer base.

The iSmart Station simplifies the process of collecting and organizing your customer and sales lead information, so that you can plan and streamline your marketing communications for maximum effectiveness. Your existing customer information is quickly put into use, while website widgets and text responses will help you build your database. iSmart takes care of duplicates for you as well.

Your prospective customers are much more likely to read a text message or social media post than they are to open an advertising email or direct mail flyer. With iSmart you can take advantage of bulk text messaging, which is the most effective and efficient way to reach customers. By integrating your social media posts, you ensure that you communicate with your most loyal customers online, where they can share your posts as a valuable recommendation of your business to their friends.

The flexibility of iSmart enables you to plan out comprehensive marketing campaigns throughout your online advertising channels or add a last minute message to be sent out immediately. Create a VIP club, offer seasonal specials or promote free coupons to your loyal subscribers and encourage them to share with their friends. With iSmart, you build customer loyalty with exclusive contests and discounts that make your customers feel special.

The coordinated iSmart communications can also be utilized for vendor or business partner messaging when planning an event. With the ability to create bulk text message blasts, you can make sure that everyone involved in an event is receiving the information that they need when they most need it. Precise organization is important to your business and iSmart helps you keep everyone on the same page for smooth, satisfactory event coordination.

Offer rewards and coupons to your customers or coordinate business communications with the robust and surprisingly affordable iSmart Station. It will revolutionize the way you advertise and communicate.