The highly competitive health and beauty industry demands effective marketing and communications to make the most of your existing customer base and attract new clientele. The innovative iSmart Station enables you to increase client visits, improve your customer retention rate, and raise the average revenue earned with each visit. This is made possible through effective and efficient communications that build customer loyalty through marketing of rewards, discounts, and exclusivity.

A customer loyalty program is a wonderful way to increase the frequency of existing clients’ visits. iSmart allows you to enrol customers in a loyalty program that rewards them for frequent visits. Your customers feel that they are part of a VIP club, and this exclusiveness encourages them to take advantage of their benefits. Text messages and social media announcements are coordinated through the iSmart system for optimal effectiveness.

Anyone involved in business can tell you that it is much more affordable to keep a customer than to win over a new one, and iSmart helps you retain the customers that you already have. With discounts, coupons, and sales announced through your iSmart bulk messaging platform, you will give your customers encouragement to return to your business rather than finding a deal somewhere else. The consistent communication with your clients builds a relationship that develops into customer loyalty for a dedicated client that will recommend your business to others.

By carefully planning your promotions and communications with your iSmart Station, you can increase the revenue that you earn with each sale. Take advantage of spending patterns and product or service preferences to create customized groups in iSmart. Scheduling specials and messages to each group at key times will ensure that you maximize the value of each client visit.

Not only does offering discounts and rewards to your current clients increase your sales, but it encourages them to share their love for your business with their friends. There is no more effective marketing tool than word of mouth recommendations, so happy customers are the best advertising that you can create.

iSmart uses text messaging and social media posts to market your business effectively and affordably. With messages that are coordinated and integrated into multiple channels, your marketing procedures can be streamlined for maximum efficiency while reaching thousands of people with your exclusive coupons, rewards, and promotions. By connecting with clients through the same channels that they do with their friends, you build relationships that bring great value to your business.