Have you noticed those codes they always want you to text in to vote for your favorite artist or performance on reality TV shows? (For example: Text SUPERSTAR to 60222.)

This is essentially what keyword marketing is. A keyword is a single word that refers to a product, service, action or business. You could use iSmart Discounts services to create keywords, which can also be broken down into specific customer groups depending on other factors, such as previous transactions. The text response or auto responder could also be customized to reply to certain texts sent in.

We find this to be an ideal solution in cases where you would want a tracking component in your marketing campaign. Immediate feedback from your customers, while allowing them to engage with your brand almost instantly, also gives you their information, which could then be used to ensure sales. Customer information could also be reused to keep loyal customers updated with the latest promotions and other exciting news that would keep your customers engaged, thereby returning higher profits!