Communication is a vitally important element of the medical service industry. The iSmart Station for medical service companies will help you organize and coordinate your communications for optimal effectiveness and efficiency. This flexible and affordable system uses the customer data that you already have to create a bulk messaging platform that is capable of reaching each of your clients more effectively than ever before.

What are the communication needs of your particular specialty? If you are a pharmacy, it is important to notify clients when prescriptions are ready for pick-up or need to be refilled. Patient care facilities may need to communicate with family members with reminders and scheduling information. Hospitals have large numbers of staff working all hours, making effective communication difficult at times. iSmart uses popular communication channels and innovative technology to solve for each of these situations and more.

One challenge of communicating with your clients, patients, or staff is defining a channel that is utilized by everyone you need to contact. That is why iSmart makes use of text messaging and online platforms for a comprehensive communication plan. People are more likely to read text messages than any other form of communication. With iSmart you can create bulk text messages to be sent out to customized groups, ensuring that the right people receive the correct information each time.

Your existing client information can be uploaded to your iSmart Station using the intuitive user interface. Continued additions or client sign-ups are possible through website widgets, text responses, or direct input. By sorting your contacts into communication groups, you have the ability to immediately disperse information to thousands of people at once.

With the efficiency and effectiveness that has resulted in praise from Fortune 500 companies, iSmart simplifies the process of bulk communications at a remarkably affordable price. Reducing the need for expensive direct mail communications, iSmart saves you money each time a message is sent out. Taking the place of ineffective email campaigns that are often deleted unopened, iSmart takes advantage of the high readership of text messaging and makes your communications much more effective.

iSmart also enables you to coordinate your messages with social media and online channels for public messages. With the ability to plan a schedule of messages or spontaneously send out communications as needed, iSmart will take the place of time consuming phone calls for significant resource savings.