Communication is a top priority for schools and nursery care centres. Take the difficulty out of this time consuming task by coordinating your bulk messaging with an iSmart Station. iSmart enables you to create message blasts that go out to thousands of people at once through text messaging and social media, ensuring that you reach each and every person who needs the information.

Enjoy the same innovative technology and intuitive organization of bulk communications that is utilized by Fortune 500 companies when you use iSmart for coordinating your outgoing messages to students, parents, or employees. iSmart makes it possible to streamline your notification procedures for optimal efficiency and effectiveness for a price that will easily fit into your budget.

When your contact data is loaded into the iSmart Station, you have the ability to create groups and organize information to ensure that your messages reach the correct people. By integrating iSmart with your website, social media platforms, and text messaging channel, you can continue to develop your messaging groups through online sign ups and text responses. Building these communication groups will make it possible to quickly notify everyone involved of important news.

Use iSmart to send out cancellation notices, reminders, or other important information to your existing students and their families. You can also create groups for prospective students and schedule messages that will pique their interest in enrolling. Design a group intended to keep your sports booster club notified of game results and schedules. There is no limit to the efficient and well-organized communications that you can quickly create using your iSmart Station.

Messaging through iSmart social media and text messaging channels ensures that you reach the people who need important information. While many people ignore email and no longer check the radio for cancellations or last minute changes, almost everybody reads each text message that they receive. Take advantage of the popularity of this inexpensive communication method by implementing iSmart for your school’s communications.

The affordability and flexibility of iSmart will make it a valuable tool for your school as soon as you begin using it. Market to prospective students, keep parents informed, and make sure students are kept up-to-date using the efficient and effective iSmart system to plan, organize, and issue communications that are brought to the immediate attention of each person who receives it.