Effective communication is key to success as a real estate professional. iSmart helps you develop marketing messages efficiently, saving your time to focus on the heart of your business. Taking advantage of bulk text message and social media communication channels, you can simplify your marketing messages with the powerful iSmart Station.

Property managers, realtors, and real estate developers can all benefit from the innovative marketing opportunities made possible with iSmart. Once implementation is complete, you will find that your iSmart Station is an essential element of your marketing strategy. By creating customized groups within your iSmart client database, you can personalize messages for varied groups for maximum effectiveness. With integrated social media posts, iSmart helps you create a comprehensive communication and marketing plan.

Realtors use iSmart to share encouraging messages with house hunting clients. Text message reminders can ensure that appointments are kept and new opportunities are not missed. Referral bonuses and text message contests will also help you build your client database and develop customer loyalty.

Text messaging and social media platforms are utilized by iSmart due to their popularity and effectiveness in reaching clients. Though they may delete email without reading it and ignore flyers in the mail, almost every person reads each text message that they receive. By carefully planning messages for general broadcast and specialized group message blasts, you can take full advantage of each communication channel.

The robust iSmart Station allows you to quickly upload your existing customer information and then build upon it with text responses and website widgets. You have complete flexibility to create message and posting schedules or send a spontaneous one-time message, depending upon your communication needs.

By communicating with your clients through the same platforms that they share with friends and family, you not only ensure that your messages are read but you build customer loyalty. Your clients will share your social media posts for word-of-mouth recommendations that are more valuable than any type of marketing that you can create on your own. Online widgets enable new prospective to sign up for your messages anytime from anywhere for constant building of sales leads.

iSmart allows you to selectively share discounts and promotions or create a VIP group to give your best customers the exclusivity they deserve. A new client group allows you to share vital information to those who need it without inundating all of your clients with information that they might not need. With iSmart, each communication you create is effective and efficient.