iSmart Discounts is an innovative marketing tool for pubs and bars that can provide valuable benefits while keeping cost and time commitments low. This mobile marketing platform helps you reach your customers quickly and easily to build loyalty and increase sales. Texting has become the preferred mode of communication for many of your prospective customers, so there is no better way to reach them than with a concise message that reaches them immediately. iSmart enables you to plan bulk texting campaigns and Mobile Coupons that can make a significant impact upon your business.

With the powerful iSmart bulk messaging solution, you can advertise specials, create text-to-win contests or offer exclusive rewards to subscribers. Each of these activities keeps your name at the forefront of your customers’ minds, encourages them to visit, and increases sales when they do. You can schedule your text messages well in advance or offer a last minute special on a slow night to fill up the room right away. The flexibility and affordability of iSmart will make it the favorite tool in your marketing arsenal.

Customers love to feel that they are being given VIP treatment or special deals for being a great customer. iSmart allows you to hone this feeling in your customers by sending messages as texts, just like their friends do. Your business becomes more than just a great place to hang out; you are one of their friends. When they receive codes for free coupons or notice of last minute promotions, the privileged feeling will encourage them to frequently take advantage of the offers and visit your establishment. Of course, they will also bring along friends, increasing your customer base.

iSmart makes it simple to quickly reach out to thousands of customers. With hassle free uploading of customer information, you can continue to add personal data through website sign up or text messaging. iSmart automatically removes duplicates numbers to avoid unsubscribes while making it possible for you to immediately reach all of your customers who have opted in to text messaging. Texts are read approximately 95% of the time, as opposed to email or direct mail which are frequently trashed unopened, so you know customers are seeing your offers with iSmart.

By offering your customers exclusive promotions, loyalty rewards, and last minute deals with iSmart, you will increase the frequency of their visits and the amount that they are willing to spend. As loyalty increases through VIP treatment, the willingness to spend and eagerness to share your message with others will increase. iSmart Discounts helps you increase customer loyalty and sales with one intuitive and affordable tool.