As taking the family out to dinner increases in popularity over cooking at home, an innovative marketing strategy has become vital to the success of restaurant businesses. iSmart takes advantage of modern technology and consumer habits to offer an advertising opportunity that is far reaching and surprisingly affordable. You will be able to quickly, easily and inexpensively reach your entire database of customers when you choose to implement iSmart bulk messaging service into your marketing strategy.

iSmart mobile marketing platform enables you to create a VIP club, offer free coupons, or advertise specials as they occur through the channel that your customers are most likely to pay attention to: text messages. Unlike other forms of mail and advertising, text messages are almost always read as they are received, and texted coupons have a much higher redemption rate than online coupons. The promotion codes are easy for customers to keep track of, while delivering them at carefully chosen times increases the chance of a new sale.

With iSmart, your business is not limited to offering coupons and rewards to existing customers. You can even create a system for text ordering and create text-to-enter contests. This affordable system is powerful enough to become your primary marketing tool, increasing sales and reducing your advertising budget.

The iSmart Station enables you to collect and compile customer information for integrated text messaging and social media interactions with your most loyal client base. These are the marketing tools that will carry your business successfully into the future by meeting your target audience where they are and developing a strong relationship with them that creates strong brand loyalty.

iSmart’s flexibility allows you to schedule social media posts and text messages well into the future or send out an immediate message encouraging prompt action. Experiencing a slow evening? Send out a message blast offering a discount to anyone who walks in within the next hour. Whether you are building up anticipation about a coming event or hoping for immediate results, iSmart works for the optimal benefit of your business.

Using the robust iSmart message management system, you will be able to promote your best coupons and discounts to your most loyal customers while encouraging new clients to join them. Mobile vouchers are the most likely format to be read and used by most people, and iSmart helps you to use this channel with maximum effectiveness for your restaurant.