In the race to set yourself apart in the staunch competition of the retail industry, many companies have put customer loyalty programs into place. Encouraging return visits and extra spending with rewards, coupons, and discounts is one of the most effective marketing strategies available to retail businesses. The revolutionary iSmart Station helps you create, communicate, and customize these special offers and communications for optimal effectiveness and efficiency combined with cost savings.

iSmart is surprisingly affordable and is powerful enough to completely change your marketing strategy with innovative tools for organizing customer data and customizing effective communications. In order to create customer loyalty that brings clients frequently through your door and inspires them to recommend your business to their friends, they require exclusive offers, VIP treatment, and a reason to feel that you offer them something that nobody else does.

By using social media and text messaging platforms, iSmart will help you develop your customer database into a robust marketing tool. Schedule messages to groups of customers that you know enjoy free coupons and discounts. Utilize text messages and social media to offer last minute deals. Hold contests that will help you build your customer base with sales leads. All through your iSmart Station.

As people move away from traditional advertising and email campaigns grow less effective, social media and text messaging offer retail businesses the most effective method for communicating with customers. iSmart capitalizes on this knowledge, integrating your online messages with bulk text message blasts for effective marketing that your customers will actually read.

Mobile communication channels are inexpensive to use and effective in reaching your customers. The same person who will delete your email without opening it is almost certain to read your text message. The satisfied customer who might not give a postcard more than a passing glance may share your promotion with their friends on social media platforms. iSmart enables you to take advantage of these trends in consumer habits to create marketing strategies that are an efficient use of your time and resources.

Create relationships with your customers through a coordinated schedule of messages or send an immediate message out announcing a special offer. Target certain groups or make general public announcements. Cross-selling and up-selling is made easy with customized groups. Discounts and coupons can be personalized, and contests can help you build your customer database. You can make the most of each of your marketing promotions with iSmart.