Look around and notice how the entire world is looking at their phones. There is your marketing strategy. Here at iSmart Discounts, we think it is an amazing idea to put messages on phone screens that people always stare at!

Most companies use smartphone apps and mobile websites to market to their audience. Even though social media has picked up over the years, what people do not completely fathom is that a rather large segment of social media goes unattended by customers.

In comparison, 98% of texts will be viewed, beating social media marketing by rather significant margins. With iSmart Discounts, you can send promotions, mobile coupons, event reminders, survey links and other calls to action via text, which you can be assured your audience will see and respond to.

From what we understand, the most significant advantage we see in using SMS marketing is that it has the largest reach. Of all mobile phone users, only about 50% own smartphones, meaning marketing via smartphone apps and web browsers is not going to reach a whole half of the people! On the other hand, almost every phone supports SMS services, and it would easily reach everyone! Marketing is better than ever!