The vehicle garage industry is highly competitive, and it can be difficult to set your business apart and build customer loyalty. iSmart is an innovative tool that helps you effectively market your business to existing customers and prospective clients, building your customer base and increasing sales through mobile discounts and brand building.

Automobile repair is a price sensitive industry, making setting yourself apart through low cost offerings an extremely effective marketing strategy. iSmart helps you do this by using text messaging and online platforms to offer clients the best discounts, free coupons, and VIP offers. While emails are quickly deleted and direct mail thrown away without opening, almost everyone reads their text messages. By using the iSmart Station to connect with your customers through this popular channel, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing messages and build customer loyalty.

To implement the iSmart bulk messaging system, you begin with a simple process to upload your existing customer data. Then you will continue to build your database of customer and sales lead information by linking a website widget and text responses to your iSmart Station. It will compile the data and delete duplicate information without any effort on your part.

Using this treasure trove of customer and potential client data, iSmart coordinates your comprehensive online and text messaging marketing strategy. By integrating your communications through social media and text messages, iSmart enables you to put your company’s messages about promotions, sales, and discounts where your customers are most likely to see and respond to them.

Your iSmart Station will become your most valuable and robust marketing tool, and you will be pleasantly surprised by its affordability. Using online marketing is more effective and less expensive than traditional advertising, and iSmart makes it possible to take full advantage of these communication platforms.

With iSmart, you can create a VIP club where customers can subscribe online or through text to receive regularly scheduled updates and offers. When customers feel that they are part of an exclusive group, they are more likely to choose your business over others. The frequently offered discounts will be the final step to getting them to walk through your door.

Create text-to-win contests, give free coupons, and advertise specials with iSmart to increase customer loyalty and sales. You can create a predetermined schedule of messages or use iSmart for a spontaneous message blast for the ability to reach your customers with your best promotions anytime and anywhere.